Friday, July 08, 2005

UNICEF Book Ready

Finally, although I think I've said that before, the book I wrote, photographed, illustrated and designed for UNICEF in Armenia is now ready for printing. Despite two power cuts today, I managed to get the final version of the artwork to the printhouse in Yerevan this afternoon. If we're lucky, the book will be available from UNICEF for potential donors after 16 July. If not, it will definitely be ready at the beginning of August. Some of the articles from the book can be read in the journalism section of my website.

This is my second book this year, following on from Armenia: Poverty, Transition & Democracy which was published by the US/UK Gomidas Institute in January. Although there has been little to no interest from the Diaspora, I'm glad to say that it has been well received by the heads of various international organizations and NGOs such as Lise Grande, residential representative of the United Nations in Armenia, Sheldon Yett, representative of UNICEF in Armenia, Brian Kearney, Chief of Party of the Armenian Social Transition Program (ASTP) - PADCO, as well as Amalia Kostanyan, Chairperson of Transparency International in Armenia.

And if she's reading this blog, I haven't forgotten Sona Ayvazian, the Environmental Policy Expert / Project Director of CRD/TI and yes, Sona, I will definitely get you that second copy of the book this week! BTW: Your involvement in the recent Shikahogh campaign was impressive and I'm glad that people concerned about the rule of law and environmental protection finally won.

And with that, as I've got one article to write for UNICEF as well as some editing work to finish off, this might be the last blog I make until Monday. Then again, blogging is so damn addictive that you never know. Depends what happens over the weekend.

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