Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ARF-D Candidate Beaten in NKR

Arminfo reports that a candidate for the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in Sunday's parliamentary elections was beaten up yesterday. He was hospitalized in Stepanakert with concussion and facial injuries.
Chief physician of the hospital Gevorgyan says that health state of Manukyan is stable, and there is not necessity of surgical operation. His life is no longer in danger. The physician refused from specifying the reason of Manukyan's injuries. Manukyan's wife is sure that her husband was subjected to bodily injuries. She says at 13:00 on June 21 Manukyan was called somewhere on phone and the information on his hospitalization was received in an hour. Representative of the opposition bloc of Gegham Baghdasaryan thinks it was the work of the authorities, Radio Freedom reports.
It's worth remembering that the ARF-D are part of the ruling coalition in Armenia but are in opposition in Karabagh. Ironically, while rationalizing the 2003 presidential and parliamentary elections in Armenia, the ARF-D are screaming foul with regards to the elections in Karabagh. That said, almost everybody -- including western observers -- say that the elections were free, fair and transparent. Even so, the beating and elections are probably connected somehow.

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