Monday, June 20, 2005

The First Negative Opinion

A1 Plus has just posted a new story saying that the first negative opinion about the fairness of the parliamentary elections in Nagorno Karabagh has been made by an observer from the Czech Republic.
The lawyer, who has also been in the OSCE Observers Mission to Azerbaijan and Belarus, substantiated his opinion with the following facts, “Before throwing the ballots into the boxes, the electors in Askeran showed whom they had votes for. The empowered person of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation wanted to complain, but the Committee head refused to admit it saying that nothing of the kind had happened."

Milan Stefanec also mentioned other violations, "In an electoral area in Martakert the validity or invalidity of the documents was decided not by the Committee head, but by the Military Commander." He added that the members of the Electoral Committee had no idea of the Electoral Code, "When we asked them who forms the Electoral Committee, they could not answer. They did not know who had appointed them. These things are menace for democratic elections."
It will be interesting to hear what the ARF-D says later. Anyway, the full item can be read online here.


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