Thursday, June 16, 2005

Najarians Appeal to US Courts

Hetq Online, who I work for from time to time, reports that George and Carolann Najarian are to appeal to the US Courts in their long running battle with the General Prosecutor’s Office in Armenia.
Last week Armenian-American businessmen and philanthropists Carolann and George Najarian were in Yerevan. They discovered that regarding their court case no progress has been made. They sent a letter to General Prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan expressing their surprise that nothing had changed regarding their case.
You would have thought that the Armenian government might have made sure that the rule of law functioned in such a high profile case but not so. Instead, it is believed that the relative of one senior official is behind the reluctance of the General Prosecutor's Office to do its job -- even if that means scaring off other potential investors from the Diaspora.
The practice of protecting the criminal, keeping our property expropriated, violating the law and Armenia ’s international treaty obligations and intimidating witnesses and lawyers thus destroying Armenia ’s reputation by your subordinates must stop immediately. We demand the lawful and public hearing of this case. The continued denial of this, our lawful right, is forcing us to submit this case for resolution to international courts, a process which we have, up to now, patiently sought to avoid.
The full article with a link to other articles detailing the background to the case can be found online here.

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