Monday, June 27, 2005

Bulgarian "Wanted" Over Bush Grenade in Georgia

The Sofia New Agency reports that a Bulgarian is "wanted" in connection with the discovery of a grenade that failed to detonate during last month's high profile visit to the Republic of Georgia by US President George Bush. The news reportedly comes via Georgia's Rustavi-2 TV station.
The grenade landed 30 m away from where Bush spoke to a huge crowd in Tbilisi, but did not detonate, according to the Georgian authorities. The US Secret Service said it received reports of the incident after Bush had left the ex-Soviet republic.
On Friday the Georgian authorities announced the results of investigation into the alleged attempt on G.W. Bush's life during his visit to Georgia last month.


Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said at a late evening briefing on June 22 that Georgian authorities had identified a person suspected of throwing the hand-grenade during US President George Bush's address on May 10.
Initially, reports stated that the grenade was of Armenian origin but what with the proliferation of arms and munitions in the South Caucasus, the grenade could have ended up in anybody's hands. Regardless, the report can be read online here.

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